1d3 ToDo

The Union Between Task-List & Calendar

1d3 ToDo makes it easy to manage your daily tasks, giving you an overview of unfinished tasks, and keeping track of finished tasks. Manage and record all of your tasks with this intuitive Android App.

Available via the Android Market soon!


  • Organize your tasks with daily task lists
  • Keep track of all old tasks
  • Easily navigate the calendar
  • Create and reschedule tasks
  • Set priorities and add details
  • Get an overview of old unfinished tasks
  • Sort tasks by name, priority, creation date, and status

Upcoming Features:

  • Backup tasks to SD storage
  • Today widget
  • Search tasks


  1. Leon says:

    Vielen Dank für Deine App. Sehr sehr nützlich

    1. Christian says:

      Es freut mich, dass sie für dich auch nützlich ist. :)

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